15 celebrities who look totally different with glasses

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Although most people with vision impairments wear contacts, some fashionable stars are showing that glasses are a fashionable accessory.

Certain celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z prefer big frames with thick rims Others, like Prince William and Hugh Jackman prefer thin, rectangular frames. Others such as Oprah Winfrey even have their own unique glasses from upscale boutiques.

No matter if they’re wearing glasses to the red carpet, or doing errands, these 30 stars look completely different when wearing glasses.


Kim Kardashian sported a pair of stylish glasses during a shopping spree at the mall in Los Angeles in January 2012

kim k glasses

Kim was seen in chic eyewear.

Kardashian West has said the fact that spouse Kanye West once advised her to not wear big sunglasses to go with the small-sized sunglasses trend. There’s no word from him on prescription glasses though.

Gigi Hadid often wears glasses when she’s not on the runway

gigi hadid glasses

Gigi was spotted in hers while walking in London.

Victoria’s Secret model Victoria’s Secret model wears glasses that are made by Vogue Eyewear.

Jennifer Aniston wore a pair of glasses when she appeared appearing on the Spanish television series “El Hormiguero” in February of 2011

jennifer anniston glasses

Jennifer Aniston opted for large frames.

The actress was wearing frames made by Ralph Lauren.


Prince William is able to provide glasses with the royal treatment

prince william glasses

William wore his while attending the The Cheltenham Festival in March 2013.

William is wearing rectangular glasses that have thin frames in black occasionally.

Jennifer Lopez rocked a pair of Max Mara glasses in October 2015

jennifer lopez glasses

Jennifer Lopez took her glasses to the red carpet.

The chic glasses were paired with the Max Mara houndstooth jacket.


Lupita Nyong’o donned her round, thick frames performing backstage during the performance of “The Colour Purple.”

lupita glasses

Nyong’o’s glasses add a subtle change to her look.

The actress is also known to wear glasses when she presents at awards ceremonies.

Justin Timberlake sometimes accessorizes his tie and suit with glasses.

justin timberlake glasses

He’s bringing glasses back.

Timberlake rarely performs with his glasses, however he was photographed wearing glasses during the red carpet.


Anne Hathaway wore glasses with big square frames to her “Rio” film’s premiere on April of 2011

anne hathawy glasses

Anne Hathaway went with oversized frames on the red carpet.

The frames were paired with the frames with a purple Gucci edge dress.

Jay-Z has been spotted sporting an over-sized pair of frame squares in the past few months

jay z glasses

Jay-Z wore glasses while promoting his book “Decoded.”

The rapper was recently paired together with Kylie Jenner at number five on Forbes’ annual list of the most successful celebrities.

Janelle Monae is known to accessorize her stylish outfits by wearing glasses.

janelle monae glasses

The actress and singer is well-known for her instant famous looks at red carpets.

Emma Watson channeled her inner bookworm with this stylish frame

emma watson glasses

Emma Watson also adds a trendy edge to her looks.

The actress was casual when she visited BBC Radio One in September 2012.


Julia Roberts slipped her glasses at her appearance at the InStyle Awards in October 2018

julia roberts glasses

The actress paired her glasses with a sleek blazer.

The actress wore a pair huge rectangular frames while on the red carpet.

Kit Harington sometimes wears glasses even when he’s not on the set of “Game of Thrones.”

kit harrington glasses

Kit Harington wore these oversized frames in January 2015.

He might have been dubbed the most un-dressed man of 2017 but he certainly has the ability to wear glasses.

Rihanna wears glasses that have an interesting twist

rihanna glasses

Rihanna’s glasses go perfectly with her sense of style.

The actress was seen sporting an eye-catching pair of frames in black while arriving in LAX at the end of December in 2012.