The Ultimate Guide to 90s Makeup

The Full Guide To The Dank 90s Makeup Look For Your Inspiration

There are differing opinions about 90s makeup. Some argue that it has always been a part of the beauty scene, while others believe it experienced a significant resurgence as a fashion trend. Regardless of who is correct, one thing is certain: 90s makeup is here to stay. To fully immerse you in this era of grunge and glitter, we have put together a comprehensive guide to 90s maquillage. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or simply enjoy keeping up with current trends, we’ve gathered some inspiring ideas for you to explore.


Soft Shimmer Eyeshadow With Berry Lipstick

Soft Shimmer Eyeshadow With Berry Lipstick #berrylips #shimmershadow

For a glam 90s-inspired makeup style, opt for shimmery eyeshadows that are neutral in tone applied on the lower and upper lids. When it comes to the lips, go for the most gorgeous red lipstick with a slight metallic shine.

Ombre Lips With Smokey Eyeliner

Ombre Lips With Smokey Eyeliner #berryombre #smudgeeyeline

This 90s inspired makeup takes the concept of a dark lip liner, and then transforms it into a modern look of ombre. Eyes are lined in black in a way to pay homage to past styles. But, the edges are highlighted to reflect the latest fashions.

Bold Purple Lipstick For 90s Makeup Trend

Bold Purple Lipstick For 90s Makeup Trend

The 90s were a time of bold statements and bold statements. That’s why wine-purple lipsticks paired with silver top and gold down eyeshadows that make up the essence of the decade.

Grunge Makeup With Smokey Eyes

Grunge Makeup With Smokey Eyes #redlips #smokey

For more daring ladies, here comes grunge. This dark and moody makeup is a perfect blend of deep red lips, flawless, matte skin and smokey eyes. What can you do not be captivated by it?


Dark Eyes With Brown Lips

Dark Eyes With Brown Lips #brownlips #softsmokey

Smoky brown eyes and matte lips that are rusty appear more soft than 90s grunge makeup. Therefore, blondes would love this look. Additionally, it is possible to wear it during the daytime without attracting the attention of people who have lost their the loop.

Bold Grunge Look

Bold Grunge Look

This retro Goth-inspired makeup will be noticed with certainty. The 90s’s trend for makeup of dark, moody looks it is recommended to go with an edgy pout, paired by a black smokey eye. It’s stunningly grunge when paired with pale, matte skin with dark hair.

Grunge Makeup With Glossy Eyeshadow

Grunge Makeup With Dark Eyeshadow

If you’re looking for ideas for makeup to make you stand out the crowd, then we could have something to offer. The key is that a bold and glossy eyeshadows when paired with lips that aren’t smoky can create a slick grunge-y look that will make you stand out no matter where you go.


Soft Smokey With Nude Lips

Soft Smokey With Nude Lips

Supermodels were the real trendsetters of the 90s fashion of makeup. This kind of glamourous, naked makeup style has endured till this day. It’s not an “no makeup” look that is a huge trend these days. Instead it’s a full-face makeup that includes soft smokey eyes and a bare lipgloss. It’s 90s-style makeup in its own way.

Black Eyeliner With Nude Lips

Black Eyeliner With Nude Lips #blackeyeliner #nudelips

A striking Black cat-eye makeup with a matte lipstick look attractive and attractive. A timeless classic from 1990s beauty.

Classic Eyes With Pink Makeup

Classic Eyes With Pink Makeup #pinklips

This is possibly the most simple 90s makeup look for supermodels. Simple and elegant winged eyeliner, paired with delicate pink lipstick to create the perfect beauty-enhancing appearance.

Pink Glitter Eyeshadow With Frozen Lips

Pink Glitter Eyeshadow With Frozen Lips #frozenlipstrend

Some of the looks in the 90s was too bold. In the end, there must be something that you wear every day you know? This is why the glittery pink eyeshadows or a simple cat eye and soft pink lips step into.

Pink And Blue Shadows For Bright Makeup

Pink Shadows with Blue Eyeliner For Bright Makeup

The 90s’ makeup style includes lots of shimmer and bright eyeshadows, often in separate and sometimes incorporated into one outfit. Eyeshadows with bright orange and pink shades and blue frosty eyeliner in perfect harmony as they were never. To add a shimmer add a moonlight illuminizer on the cheekbones as well as the nose tip.