Amazing Outfits for Country Fashion Style Lovers

Country style is a fashionable style that oozes confidence elegance, and a hint of rustic appeal. It’s extremely popular among people from all backgrounds and ages.

Western clothing and country style continue to influence the fashion world From rodeo-inspired clothes to classic denim looks.

The origins of country fashion are heavily inspired by American cowboy culture as well as the West. You don’t have to be a seasoned cowboy to be a fan of the fashion.

So, don the cowgirl boots you’ve been wearing and join us as we reveal the secrets to creating that effortless elegant Western look that will keep you standing out from the rest of the pack.

Get ready to discover the enthralling country style by reading this complete guide.


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Western Boots

Western boots are associated with country style. Influenced heavily by vaquero riding boots of Northern Mexico, the classic cowboy boot from the American West has been around since the 1800s.

Nowadays, Western-style boots aren’t just for work outdoors. There are a myriad of designs, from knee-highs or ankle boot. A lot of Western boots have beautiful details that are embossed on the outside which makes them the focal point of any look.


Denim Cut-off Shorts

Denim Cut-offs for shorts is an excellent way to inject sexiness into your country style.

High-waisted shorts that have raw hems look stunning by pairing them with cute flannel eyelet blouses, or simply a T-shirt.

Denim cut-offs are an excellent way to showcase your legs. So put on your favourite pair of Western boots to complete this flirty and casual style.


Dress for Comfort

Country style is all about comfort and ease. The style originated from the fact that cowboys and cowgirls were outside for long periods of time with horses, cattle, and other animals.

For your country style wardrobe, choose basic pieces that are versatile, such as high-quality jeans, shirts, and other outerwear you can mix and mix and match. You can add some flair with a variety of attractive belts, hats or boots, among other accessories.


Cowboy Hats

A cowboy hat is a must for every country outfit. It’s the first thing that pops into the mind of many people when people think of the country design.

A cowboy hat can be worn to pair with almost any outfit because it’s made for practicality first, and style second. Wear it with a basic dress and jeans or dress it up with an elegant prairie dress.

Selecting a hat of high-quality that is made of sustainable, long-lasting materials such as felt, or vegan leather is ideal.


Straw Hats

If cowboy hats with a classic look aren’t your style, then you can still wear straw hats in your own unique style.

A straw hat can be a great option to dress up while shielding your skin from sun. Wear a straw hat with a wide brim with a flowing prairie dress, jeans or comfy overalls for the perfect Western style.


Wear Sturdy Fabrics

The most popular pieces of country clothing are made to last. When designing your wardrobe ensure you purchase high-end made, sustainable items that will last for a long time.

Don’t be afraid of spending to buy some high-end denim jeans and high-end Western boots, and more substantial T-shirt materials. It is possible to rotate some more vibrant and fun pieces such as flowery dresses and seasonally-themed blouses.


Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are a favorite in the fashion of country because they’re durable comfortable, warm, and simple to wear. It’s not even hurt that they’re super cute!

A flannel-shirt paired with jeans and boots gives an easy, casual style that country fashion is renowned for. It is possible to pick various styles and colors, ranging from neutral and light plaids to classic black and red to create a warm and cozy look.


Embrace Denim

Denim was a popular choice for cowboys during the 1800s since it was inexpensive and a durable workwear. This is why denim is still the most popular material for western clothing today.

Don’t be afraid to wear denim with other pieces aside from jeans. From denim vests to dresses and shorts to skirts there are many ways to incorporate this classic denim into a Western outfit.


Fringe is Your Friend

The idea behind fringe was originally to help rid the water off of clothes, fringe has become an essential feature of Western clothing.

If you are looking to build a sturdy country-style outfit fringe is the best option. A fringe vest, jacket or dress is pretty with knee-high boots as well as an Western hat. To give a feminine touch it is also possible to find Western fringe on clothes and dresses.


Floral Dresses

It’s hard to be wrong when you wear the fun and flirty look of a floral dress. A floral dress is ideal for a sunny summer day or night out in the city.

From boho-inspired mini dresses to maxis Floral dresses are easy and attractive. There are many styles and cuts that allow you to blend your individual style with an American flair. A romantic and vintage-inspired floral pattern is the best for country-style fashion.


Accessible with Belts

Belts are an excellent accessory as they give an element of structure to any outfit.

Put on a vegan leather belt with the floral outfit, fringe skirt or high-waisted pants to show the casual style that the country fashion is famous for. The most important thing to remember when wearing the belt is to position it on your waistline, creating an appealing look.