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Country clubs are a realm in their own. The exclusive club is usually linked to the top, and has numerous guidelines and rules you must comply with. When you’re playing tennis, playing a round of golf, or enjoying a relaxing day at the pool, you need to dress properly. If you’re not sure what to wear to a local club, this is the step-by-step guide for finding ideal county club attire for both ladies and men.

What exactly is an Country Club?

Country clubs are a secret, exclusive association. They usually require membership and provide services like golf, tennis and swimming as well as other sports. Although you may you think of elite and top-class clubs of The Upper East Side, the places that have their roots trace all the way to Scotland. These clubs are mainly specialized in specific sports and have exclusive access to the sport, with strict dress code guidelines and rules.

What’s the Country Club Dress Code?

Typically you’ll need to refer to the business casual or smart casual when it comes to country club attire. Of course the tennis or golf outfits is acceptable however, it depends on the club you’re at and the activity you’re performing. It is important to check the dress code of the club before you go because some clubs have looser rules on the acceptable attire. If you’re unsure keep it simple and clean, well-tailored, and tidy clothing If you plan to wear them to a meeting or at a corporate occasion, they are likely to be appropriate for the country club.What should you wear for the Country Club

  • Business casual, preppy clothes – If you’d wear it to work occasion, you could wear it to an event at a country club.
  • Clean and tidy sports clothing when playing golf or tennis make sure you dress according to the rules of the sport.
  • Shoes for dress, heels or boat shoes athletic trainers are the best choice to courts or greens.
  • Neutral colors, such as navy, black, gray or white
  • The more comfortable clothes you wear – the more freedom of your movements the better

What to wear for the Country Club

  • Don’t wear jeans as they don’t provide your body with the ability to move freely during tennis or golf
  • Releasing clothes
  • Tracksuit pants or sweatshirt
  • Broken, torn or stained clothing
  • Excessive jewelry

Country Club Outfits for Ladies

If you’re attending an event at a country club and aren’t sure what you should wear there are many choices. Although these rules are extremely strict they’re not as tightly controlled as formal wear. It means that you can experiment more with style, color and patterns. However, the basic elements stay the same, especially for both genders. When playing tennis or golf make sure you’re wearing the right activewear that’s not too tight or visible. In other sports it is possible to adopt the “stealth wealth” aesthetic with neat and well-dressed clothes that could be thought of as professional casual as well as cocktail dress code.


If you’re unsure of what to wear to a country club an elegant dress is the ideal solution. If you’re competing on the tennis courts or attending a dinner party at a special occasion there’s an outfit that is suitable for the event. If you’re taking part in a sport like golf or tennis or golf, then you should opt for a comfortable activewear short that permits the freedom to move and is practical. Select something that fits the cocktail dress code to dress more formally for an evening. Don’t wear anything that is too short or unflattering and stick to neutral colors like white or black.



If you’re playing the entire 18 holes or enjoying a relaxing lunch break take a pair of pants. A pair of slacks in brown, beige or black are suitable for golf, but don’t be afraid to play with silhouettes and patterns when you’re not on the green. Consider tailored pants that have the flared leg, capris or palazzo. You are able to experiment with colors, fabrics and patterns. Most of the time you should stay away from yoga pants, jeans or cargo trousers, as well as low-rise styles.


If the weather demands something warmer and you don’t wish to wear a skirt you could opt for shorts instead. But there are rules concerning the style of attire for country clubs that you can wear, so keep your denim or Lycra pants at the house. Instead, choose a garment that sits at least four inches higher than the knee. While dark shades are considered to be the most chic but they can be mixed with lighter shades such as cream, white or a soft blur, or even pink

Skirt/Golf Skirt

Skirts are very popular as country club attire when the weather demands them. Ideal for tennis courts or golf club, they generally are worn from mid-thigh to the knee. They include pleats or a tiny cut for more movement. While you could pick an elegant fabric like Harlequin stripes or print but the most popular selection is plain navy white, beige, or. Take note of that the width of your fabric and don’t forget to put shorts if you don’t have them already. Wear it with a golf shoe and a tucked-in Polo shirt to be prepared for the whole 18.


When you go to the country club, make sure to pack lots of layers to deal with the fluctuating temperatures. Instead of casual places where you can dress in an hoodie, this type of venue calls for some formal attire. A sweater is a great choice during the colder months. Choose any shade (perhaps avoid neon colors) or go for a classic cricket t-shirt or one from the official Curry Club store. Cardigans are also great during the transitional seasons. It can be tucked in or untidy, depending on your preference.


Collared shirt

No matter if you’re on the golf course or attempting to hit the ball for the first time, wearing a collar t-shirt is the perfect addition to any attire. Also called the polo, these types of shirts generally feature small sleeves with a collar with three or four buttons on the top. The best part about this style is the versatility it offers – they are available in a variety of colors which means you can wear the latest styles each day. There are also styles with striped or printed collars that come in a variety of colors. They can also be paired when worn with shorts, trousers or an apron. Make sure you tie the shirt in your pants at a country club and be sure that you don’t make it appear too snug or baggy.


Although you might believe it that way, country clubs aren’t only focused on playing sports. When you want to dress up but don’t want too much of the look, then why don’t you go for the coat? They’re timeless essentials for any outfit and won’t look too formal if properly styled. A well-cut and well-constructed jacket looks great with an apron and cream pants. If you’re bored of dark hues and want to try an houndstooth, check or tartan in beige, cream as well as other light shades. If you wear a plain shirt beneath or a turtleneck when you’re cold, you’ll certainly appear stylish.



Although you might not be thinking about the shoes you wear at the country club, they could be a major part of your overall look. When playing on the court make sure you wear athletic shoes and, if you’re playing on the golf course ensure you’re wearing proper golf shoes. Avoid shoes with spikes, because they can cause damage to the grass. If you’re not working up some sweat, go for closed-toe shoes like flats or loafers – they are suitable for all outfits and convey a feeling that is informal business attire. Of course, formal occasions require shoes – ensure that they’re comfortable.

Baseball Cap, Visor, or Straw Hats

Sun safety is an important consideration when you visit the country club, so ensure you’re covered in sun protection. The type of headwear you pick is dependent on the sport you’re engaged in. If you’re playing golf or tennis it is recommended to wear wearing a baseball cap or visor. Opt for neutral hues like navy, black or white. Try to stay clear of prominent logos or prints. On days you’ll be at the pool, don straw hats. It’s recommended to stay clear of bucket hats and anything else that’s too casual for casual country club attire and setting.


While hats are an essential precaution to avoid sunburn, sunglasses are equally essential. Although the rules are more strict when it comes to clothes you wear to the country club, you’ll find guidelines that are more relaxed for glasses. But, you won’t be wrong with stylish tortoiseshell or black frames. even white frames can be stylish and chic when paired with a summer country club outfit.