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If you are looking for easy and relaxed outfits A great styled blazer and a simple pair of jeans will do the job. What makes this combination attractive? It’s because there is many occasions in the life of a gentleman in which he’ll require an outfit that is casual yet has a few dressed-up aspects. When it comes to dinners, drinks and other casual occasions you should consider sporting these two key clothes items to create a style that will make you feel noticed, even though you’re not in the tuxedo. We’ll make sure you get this look right however, we have some rules to follow. In the end, if you don’t do it correctly and a blazer with jeans looks sloppy and a complete mismatch. If done correctly the style is an unforgettable look that is a refreshing take on the most basic of silhouettes.

How to wear a Blazer and Jeans


First of all, color is crucial when choosing the ideal jacket to wear with your jeans. If you want something that is safe navy is the ideal choice. Navy is extremely versatile and can be paired with many different colors. Grey is also a great choice and is available in a variety of shades that suit different skin tones. You just need to know what you like most. Tweeds are a great option for a more detailed version of a sport jacket that is great when paired with denim. Be aware that blazers are distinct from suits and do not require matching trousers.



To quickly determine the sizing of your blazer, make sure that your sleeves are at wrist-level and the shoulders of your blazer are aligned with your shoulders in a proper way. Also, you should ensure that you’re not choosing a loose fitting and also to know if the blazer you are wearing is too tight. It is best to aim for slim, modern clothing.



A pair of great jeans is among the most worthwhile investment that you could make. Don’t be afraid when it comes time to spend on a great pair of jeans however, be aware that there are great alternatives that are more affordable prices. If you are looking for the most appropriate jeans to wear with a blazer for darker hues to frame your outfits or choose lighter styles to create casual-day looks. When you’re working with semi-dressy clothing, avoid wearing jeans that appear to be worn or very thin in terms of fitting. It is still important to keep the formality! Slim cuts are the best option, as it gives you the ability to cut an elegant silhouette and still retain a youthful appearance. Jeans with navy hues are ideal and are a lifesaver when they are paired with the many blazer shades available.


Men’s Coloured Blazers

The shade of the blazer you pick to wear will greatly affect the look and appearance of your attire. It also affects the kind of jeans to wear it with, so your choice is an important one. While you can get jackets of any color in the rainbow, there’s a few classic shades that are ideal to go with jeans. Black, navy, grey, brown and tweed are all classic blazer styles and are definitely worth a look when choosing an appropriate jacket to wear with jeans.

Grey Blazer

Grey can appear a little boring, so it needs some dimension and the right color. Try warming up grey tones by adding some interesting touches using more vibrant hues. This will ensure that your outfit does not appear too serious or sexy. A powder blue or burgundy Pocket square or a crochet tie can make these styles more appealing and efficiently. There is nothing better than a stunning white or blue button-down with an edgy top blazer. Remember that a light grey cotton blazer can look great with lighter hues for more relaxed outfits, and a dark charcoal blazer can be a great choice for evening-to-day outfits. Black is a fantastic match when it comes to denim grey blazers, and is a great addition to create a neutral look. Pair it with suede brogues for more softer options for your blazer/jeans combos.

Navy Blazer

Navy like the previous two is a good choice for the majority of men. When paired with darker or a denim that contrasts navy is a great choice to anchor your blazer and denim outfits. Wear your blue blazer in conjunction with other classic colors such as emerald-colored greens, deep burgundies and rusty browns for an elegant interpretation of the blazer/denim pairing Don’t be afraid to try different shades for a fresh look to your blazer.

Black Blazer

While most women and men believe that black is the most versatile color but it’s in reality, a little harder to work with more vibrant colors. The trick to creating a denim blazer in black is to ensure you have a simple palette to choose from. A basic black turtleneck is perfectly and fits into more of the casual look that denim embodies. If you’re working with an edgier black blazer, choose whites dove greys and marle and powder blues in regards to your clothing. This will make sure that your interpretation of this look is timeless. For jeans? Stay minimalist with black denim.

Tweed Blazer

Tweed can be used to give a different look. It’s also a great visual to match denim. The key to blending tweed with denim is layering the look with traditional pieces of clothing. You must adhere to the classic style that tweed refers to therefore think of it as elegant and classic. A high-quality cables knit sweater can be a unique choice that works well with denim and blazers. The ties are made of crotch and the crisp button-downs can be a great addition to highlight a stunning wool jacket.

Brown Blazer

Brown is a great color for men to opt to when pairing their blazer jeans. The secret to creating the look of a blazer in a brown tone is to match it with natural, neutral shades. It can be paired with pieces such as grey or beige. When you choose these shades as the basis for your outfits they will help warm the palette and create an appearance that is classic and chic. Brown is also a great choice for denim with a mid-tone very well.

Blazer and Jeans Combinations

When it comes to pairing blazers and jeans with blazers, the possibilities are limitless. From fit and color to styling and accessories each choice you make will affect the overall look of your ensemble. Don’t let this put you away, however. If you are able to master the basic concepts, you can achieve a fashionable and polished appearance. Start by selecting your favourite pair of jeans and move on from there. If you prefer grey, black or blue traditional This article will assist you to figure out the best way to wear them and the most appropriate pieces to pair them.

Black Jeans with Blazer

A slim or skinny pair of black jeans are perfect to wear with an jacket. This combination gives you a sleek and contemporary look that is impossible to beat. The style is ideal for winter and autumn when cold weather calls for heavy fabric as well as a dark-colored palette. Since the black color is neutral hue it is possible to pair the Jeans with a blazer or shirt. The choice is yours. To create a simple and quick combo, go for using a charcoal or dark grey jacket and T-shirts in white or black.

Blue Jeans with Blazer

The classic blue jeans be worn with a blazer. They is easily adapted to match the style you’re aiming for. For casual wear pick lighter, mid-blue or faded designs in straight-leg cuts. If you want to look more professional go for a darker hue with a slim or slender shape. For what else you wear with your outfit, the decision is yours. A majority of blazers work when paired with jeans in blue, however it’s recommended to avoid navy. Sometimes the blue shades are too similar and can create a clashing look. For a trendy, fashionable option choose an outfit with a bold check pattern instead of block-colored.