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If you’re looking to become the mayor of Muscletown and want to be the Mayor of Muscletown, then gaining muscles in all muscle groups is crucial. For upper arms the biceps may be the star of the show, but the triceps must not be overlooked. The triceps are an important muscle group that accounts for 60 percent of your upper arms mass. It’s responsible for stretching and benting your elbow. If you’re trying to build strength in your arms the strengthening of this muscles is vital. Here are five most effective triceps exercises to build mass, based on a scientific method. But, before we begin, let’s take an introduction to biology on the triceps so that you’re aware of what you’re dealing with and how to maximize your training.

Tricep Muscles

Understanding the anatomy of triceps can help you understand how to optimize your workouts and get into performance. The triceps have three heads: lateral, long and medial. To maximize your gains you must work the three heads. Although you cannot completely eliminate a specific head when working out, you can pick exercises that focus on one aspect over the other. But the aim is to develop the three heads in a proportional way to create the unique horseshoe-shaped triceps that is so attractive.

Long Head

Long head is one of the few to be attached to two joints: the elbow and shoulder. It is located at the side to your arms and it is also the most powerful of the triceps heads. Since it connects to both elbow and shoulder joints, putting the muscles throughout their entire range of contraction is essential for getting the most benefit of your workouts.

Lateral Head

The lateral head is the outside of the arm. It’s also the most prominent head in the triceps. an elongated lateral head creates the appearance of a muscled body. The most effective methods to focus on the lateral head is moves with your arms at your sides, and the grip being overhand.

Medial Head

In addition, the medial head is also located behind the arm. However, it is lower over the head that is long, and it’s closer than the upper torso. It’s the head that isn’t visible but it’s crucial in ensuring stability.


Tricep Workout

There are a variety of excellent exercises to build mass for the upper triceps. The best results can be achieved by an assortment of moves that train the whole muscle not just one head. It is important to ensure that you’re targeting all parts of the triceps at different angles. We’ve selected the most effective exercises below, based on guidelines in the ATHLEAN-X Training Program. Jeff Cavaliere created ATHLEAN-X. He was the Director of Physical Therapy and Strength Coaching Assistant of the New York Mets. He holds a master’s degree in Physical Therapy and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Therefore, his plans and exercises are backed by science, ensuring that you benefit from your exercise.

Tricep Exercises

1. Close Grip Bench Press

Start your exercise by warming up to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Once you’ve warmed-up, and are ready to start you should begin your triceps training with heavier multi-joint workouts. Doing these exercises hard, once you’re feeling good will let you maximize the energy you’ve gathered in the beginning of your workout. Close grip bench presses change the emphasis of a press from chest to triceps. In order to perform this workout it is recommended that you are using a rack with a power source so you can push away from the pins. The process of pressing the pins off makes sure that the triceps do everything. When you lower than middle point, delts are likely to step in to push away from the lower level.


  • Place the barbell in an overhand grip with your hands aligned with your shoulders.
  • Make sure your elbows are tight and straight — avoid from flaring your elbows out.
  • Maintain a healthy bench postureEngage your glutes and your core and keep your feet level in the flooring, and then drive to the benches.
  • Lift the bar away from the pins and extend it to full extension while bending your arms angled 90 degrees towards your body.
  • Return the bar to the pins with the control.
  • The goal is to complete three sets of 10, followed by six, then four repetitions. Pick a weight that’s going to enable you to complete the workout during each repetition.
  • Remember that when your bar is lowered unlike traditional bench presses the bar will point towards your upper ribcage rather than towards your sternum.


2. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are yet another weight-heavy exercise that is multi-joint and can be easily incorporated into your exercise. For this specific exercise, you’ll perform a three-set exercise using weights that are dropped. Start with dips using weights followed by using your body weight and finally assisted dips using bands. Doing the exercise this way will help you increase your level and push your fitness to a higher level by going beyond your limit of failure.


  • Get yourself set up on the spot for dips. You’ll need a weights to wear around your waist, and resistance bands to utilize for assisted dips.
  • The first set is to place the weight on your waist or place the weight between knees and dip it until you’ve reached failure.
  • Once you’ve reached the threshold of failure, take off the weight and then keep dipping with only your own body weight. Repeat until failure.
  • Then, for the final drop set you can hang your resistance bands between bars, securing it between your knees. keep going until you’re done.
  • Complete three sets of these tri-sets. You’ll be able to go through each set until you fail.
  • In this exercise, try to keep your torso as straight as you can. It is also important to concentrate on putting pressure into your palms and releasing your grip a bit to ensure that your forearms don’t overtake you.


3. Overhead Cable Extension

After you’ve completed the most powerful sets, it’s time to do some single-joint workouts. An overhead extension cable is a perfect way to highlight the head’s length and pushing it throughout its entire movement. You can make this supersets by combining an overhead pull-down along with drag pushdowns. This combination of movements ensures that this exercise completely extends and contract the head’s long. To perform this exercise, join the ropes to a high pulleys at your cable station.


  • Keep your back straight to the machine. Tilt your torso slightly forward and keep your head straight. Make sure you are standing in a steady position by dropping one leg in front of the other.
  • Keep the cables in both hands, behind and above your head, while keeping your elbows close the ears.
  • The cables should be pulled down until they are fully extended ahead the head. Maintain your elbows straight.
  • Let the cables retract at a controlled pace by pulling your arms back towards the back from your neck. Your elbows should be to the back of your body can allow to ensure that your head is fully extended. Additionally, this will give you a fantastic stretch that is incredibly relaxing.
  • Repeat this 10-12 times until you fail.
  • When you’ve reached the maximum of your set and you’re done, turn your back to face the machine.
  • Keep the cables at a level position by putting your sternum in the middle making sure your elbows are tucked into. Legs should only be a bit wider than shoulder width between them.
  • Move the cables downwards while keeping the hands close to you as possible and your elbows folded into. The goal is to push to extend your arms fully. This way you’ll get a complete contracture in your long head.
  • Repeat this 10-12 times until you fail.


4. Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown

Similar to the pushdowns from the previous superset the workout will force the long head to a full contraction. The main difference in this exercise is the introduction of a rocking movement towards the bottom of each extension. The reason for this is all about the science behind resistance. If the cable is parallel to the area of your body, the tension is at its highest. In contrast, if you have the cables parallel to your body, the resistance is virtually gone, and that’s why it’s easier as you get to the end of a typical tricep pulldown. The goal of this exercise is to maintain the perpendicular angle, which will reduce the resistance. Similar to the above, you’ll be attaching ropes to the high pulley of your cable platform. For this exercise to be completed:


  • You should stand in front of the machine, with one foot positioned over the other. Your weight will be placed on the front of your foot with your torso slightly leaning forward while your toes are extended on your back foot, but being able to carry some weight.
  • Keep the cables at your head level, with your elbows into.
  • The cables should be pulled down till your arms fully extend the front of you and keep them by your sides.
  • When you are near the end of the extension take your weight off the back of your foot letting your body back a bit. By doing this, you move yourself away from the device while maintaining the angle between your forearms and the cable at 90 degrees.
  • Be sure to ensure you’re not utilizing the change in weight or body posture in order to draw the ropeYou want to make sure that your arms are doing the job.
  • Let the cables retract, allowing you to shift your weight back to your front foot and then your initial location.
  • Repeat this process 12 times until failure.

5. Lying Triceps Extension

The final exercise is lying on the triceps extension. The exercise is also known as skullcrushers, and is an extremely effective exercise. The resistance decreases to almost null once you get to the full extent of the exercise, with the weight placed on your body. To combat this, and to increase the intensity of your workout, add more resistance with exercise bands. Similar to an overhead extension cable this workout will result in a complete exaggeration and extension that of the head. To perform this exercise you’ll require free weights, exercise bands and the bench.


  • Securely connect them to an object that is heavy or on the floor. Nobody wants to be smacked on the head by exercise bands that are stretched to the max in the event that they fall off.
  • Attach the other end of the band to the weights of your choice and again, make sure they’re secured.
  • Place your feet on the bench and maintain a good posture. Engage your glutes and core, and keep your feet level to the ground.
  • Begin with the weights placed close to on top of the head. Keep your elbows bent and tight to your ears.
  • Reach your arms towards the ceiling. Full extension by bending your arms in a 90-degree angle with your body. At this stage, the bands should be pulling the weights, causing extra tension. The burn should be felt.
  • Lower the weights down the level of your neck, allowing your elbow to stretch back to the extent your body can allow. This will give you an amazing stretch across to the rear of your arms.
  • Repeat this 15 times, until you fail.


Tricep Workout FAQs

What is the best exercise for the triceps?

The most effective workout for your triceps muscles is to train all three muscle heads throughout their full range of movement. These could include exercises which target all three at the same time or shifting the focus to a single at one time. You can try a combination of close grip bench press, while pushing the pins off and triceps dips overhead cable extensions pulldowns of triceps with cable rope or lying extensions of triceps sometimes referred to as skullcrushers.

How can I build triceps quickly?

The fastest method of building strong triceps muscles is to incorporate exercises targeting that muscle region, which includes each of the three heads of muscle. It is necessary to do regular exercises while gradually increasing your amount of weight you lift as you gain strength. It will also stimulate your muscles to increase their the bulk and strength as they rebuild. Remember, it’s not going to be instantaneous, but when you combine the correct diet and consistent exercise it is possible to see results after only some months.

What triceps exercises hit all three heads?

Diamond pushups can be a fantastic option to strike all three heads simultaneously like close-grip bench press as well as kickbacks and pushdowns for the tricep.

Can 100 pushups in a day help?

100 pushups per day may appear like a great fitness routine; however, you might not see the results you’re hoping for. If you’re new to the sport and are just beginning, you’ll likely notice some positive effects, like improved strength and technique. It’s also an excellent opportunity to start an exercise routine that is regularly. But doing 100 pushups a each day does not give your body to rest and recover the damage, which is crucial for long-lasting bulk and strength gains. Also, it’s not a well-balanced workout since you’re training only the muscles in one manner and not increasing the strength.