Look Bigger With V-Taper Training

Washboard abs are regarded by many to be very attractive in males. Not only does a strong well-toned stomach look stunning however, a strong core can also improve your posture and flexibility. A lot of ab exercises are fantastic to strengthen the upper abs but they can be a bit lenient with the lower portion. The most effective way to address this is to use exercises which bring your legs and feet upwards instead of your shoulders and torso. In this way, you’ll get more engagement and strengthens those lower abs. But, since the lower abdominal muscles can be less strong, regular work is crucial to build them up. You’ll have to be ready for the heat!


Lower Ab Workout

Training consistently is the best way to achieving abs that made to look like chocolate. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t take long to complete. It takes just 10 minutes to do an intense lower abs exercise. Although you cannot focus on your lower abs only but you can add exercises that affect them by moving your lower abs toward the upper. Employing only your body weight for resistance is ideal for home-based. This workout below is based off the Jeff Cavaliere’s ATHLEAN-X program and is sure to bring the lactic acid flowing. The workout combines the most important duties of the lower abdominals and also incorporates some intense exercises to raise your heart rate to ensure an overall workout. This exercise is hard and requires longer breaks, do your time taking them. Remember that consistency is most important. Therefore, the more you practice this more often, the better results you will achieve.

Lower Ab Exercises

1. Figure 8s

Begin your lower abdominals workout with a blaze by performing some figure-eights. This exercise targets your lower abs by bringing your feet in towards your body. It also works your entire core and obliques through the twisting motion while keeping your body steady so that you don’t slide into the side.


  • Place your feet on the floor and keep your arms close to your side while bracing your body for stability
  • Lift both legs while holding them together and then begin drawing horizontal figure eights while in the air.
  • When you reach the top of the curve, use your lower abs until you lift your body away from the earth.
  • Continue to move for a period of 30 minutes.


2. Hands Back Raises

Back raises with hands are a variation on the crunch that permits you to change the attention of the workout from the upper abs to the lower abdominals. You’ll be strengthening with your lower body using your hands resting on the floor, but make sure not to utilize your arms to force yourself into the crunch.


  • Relax your legs and place them spread in front of you and knees slightly bent. Lean back and support your upper body by placing your hands on the floor spread out, and right in front of you.
  • Take both legs and chest towards each other with a nudge with your legs, bringing them towards the middle.
  • Do not lift your legs with your legs or push yourself up using your arms. Concentrate on using your abs to perform the move.
  • Return to the position you were in then repeat.
  • Continue to move for a period of 60 minutes.


3. Twister Pistons

The next step in the upper abs training schedule is twister pistons. This explosive exercise isn’t only going to get your abs trimmed however, it will raise the heart rate of your body as well. Alongside being an athlete in training and burning calories, you’ll also get some relaxation in the shoulders as well as your upper body while you squat to the ground.


  • Lay down on your floor and sit in a plank however, with your elbows placed on the floor and your knees slightly bent.
  • Start on your right side, move your feet to the left by about a half a foot while bringing your knees close to the body. You’ll have to turn your torso towards the right and then pull it up using your abs to pull your feet back.
  • Get your feet back towards the center.
  • Repeat the process on the left side.
  • Keep moving for 60 minutes.


4. Situated Ab Circulars in Clockwise

Similar to figure eights are ab circles that sit in a seated position. It not only works your abs lower however, it also causes you to fall off balance, and forces your core to participate to stabilize you. It’s best to do two rounds of this, since you’ll have to create circles in both clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction.


  • Place your legs to the side with your knees bent slightly. Lean slightly back and then support your upper body by placing your hands on the floor placed wide and in front of you.
  • Lift your feet off of the ground and draw circles in the air using your feet. Move in the clockwise direction.
  • Don’t lift your hips using your muscles; instead, focus on working your abs muscles.
  • Keep moving for a period of 60 minutes.


5. Seated Ab Circles Counter-clockwise

Alter directions of the circles in order to work the ab muscles in the opposite direction. At this point, you should be feeling the effects of these exercises and will prove that an ab workout doesn’t need to be extended to be intense.


  • Relax your legs and place them to the side with your knees bent slightly. Lean forward a bit and hold your upper body using your palms on floor spread out, and right in front of you.
  • Lift your feet off of the ground and draw circles in the air by putting your feet in a clockwise direction.
  • Don’t do a pull-up using your hip muscles. Instead, concentrate on engaging your abdominal muscles.
  • Keep moving for 60 minutes.


6. Scissors

The rapid pace and intense burning of this lower abdominal exercise will have your heart rate increased. Standing your legs up and moving them side-to-side will ensure maximum engagement of your lower abdominal muscles, resulting in them a vigorous exercise. In addition, you’ll work your adductors and abductors on your legs, along with glutes and hamstrings. This makes it a full-body exercise. Be sure that you keep your back straight on the floor so that you don’t do any harm.


  • Place your feet on the floor and keep your arms at your sides while bracing your body to provide stability.
  • Take your feet up off of the floor and hold them the width of your shoulders.
  • Begin to bring them towards one opposite, crossing the right foot on the left foot’s top.
  • Bring them back to shoulder width and bring them back in by placing the left foot on top of the right.
  • Keep moving for 60 minutes.


7. 21 Crunch

In the current stage of your lower abs training You should feel the heat. The last exercise you can do is an absolute killerthe starfish crunches. This exercise works your lower and upper abs as you lift your legs and your torso upwards. Also, it works your obliques through the crossover movement as well as the need for stabilization of your spine because of the high rate of movement.


  • Lay on the floor in a starfish form. Don’t succumb to the urge to end this exercise and not move a muscle again.
  • Lift your upper body and legs off the floor and bring them together in a squeezing motion. Your right hand should be pointing towards the left side of your foot.
  • Lower your body back to the floor however, not quite to the floor.
  • Repeat the motion however, alternately and then move your left hand towards your right foot.
  • Avoid touching the ground by using your feet or hands to help you push up or stabilize but during the lower abs workout, you might need to.
  • Continue to crunches and alternate your feet and hands for 30 seconds.


Lower Ab Workout FAQs

What is a great lower abs workout?

A great lower ab workout will focus on getting your legs and feet toward your middle. This is the most effective method of engaging the lower part of your. Consider high-intensity sets of figures 8 hand back raises, twister pistons and seated circles that can be done in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions with scissors, and an amazing end with a 21 crunch.

How can you eliminate the your lower stomach pooch?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the fat loss you want to see, so the secret to getting rid of that lower belly ailment is exactly the same as for any fat loss – an insufficient calorie intake. For men, specifically the most likely place to build fat and the final place to shed it is in the midsection. It is possible to strengthen the region by doing regular lower ab exercises, which can help you appear more toned, especially after you’ve shed some fat.

The reason why it is so difficult to build abs that are lower?

The majority of ab workouts concentrate on the upper part of the abdominal region and do not focus on the lower part of the abdominal area. For a better focus on your lower abdominals you must bring your legs and feet upwards instead of bringing your upper body downwards. Lower abs are also known to be weaker, which is why the consistency is vital to building as well as maintaining the muscle strength of this region.

Do you think a 15 minute ab workout is enough?

If you work at the right level and intensity, you can achieve your goals for abs in only 15 minutes, or shorter. Make use of a combination of moves which work the muscles for 30 to 60 minutes. Combine the three or four exercises into two sets to create an overall that ranges from six-eight exercises. When you’re working, switch between each set without taking interruption, and then between sets, you should rest for between 60 and 90 minutes. Repeat the sets if willing to.