The Safest and Most Exciting Solo Travel Destinations in the World

Safe Places for Women Who Are Thinking of Solo Travel

Do you dream of embarking on a solo adventure? Nowadays, women need to consider various factors when planning a solo trip. Unfortunately, not all places are deemed safe, even for group travel. There are even destinations where solo travelers are targeted as vulnerable prey. Therefore, if you are contemplating solo travel, thorough research and obtaining all the necessary information are crucial.

In this article, we will recommend some countries that are renowned as the best destinations for solo travelers. However, always prioritize your safety by taking necessary precautions and remaining vigilant of your surroundings. Ensure your cell phone is fully charged at all times and carry emergency contact information wherever you go. These countries offer not only safety but also an enjoyable experience for solo travelers.



Austria is among the most secure places to travel anywhere in the world. In addition, who wouldn’t want to visit the country that was the location where The Sound of Music took place? Imagine the gorgeous mountains, charming cafes and coffee shops and even sites like The Vienna Opera and Prater Amusement Park. Be sure to visit Salzburg especially if love apple strudel or Mozart!

South Korea

If you’re a fan of mud-wrestling, make sure to be in Boryeong to experience The Mud Festival. If you’re an avid nature enthusiast, take advantage of the peace and tranquility of Jeju Island. It is possible to travel to Seoul for a visit to the Cheonggyecheon stream, or walk through the massive shopping malls. South Korea is much safer for travel by yourself as compared to North Korea, but you are still able to enjoy the rich culture and history.



Thailand is the ideal place to enjoy the luscious shimmer of white beaches. If you’re a foodie in the making, you’ll delight in some of the best foods available, made with natural and fresh ingredients. Thailand is a great value vacation spot, even its five-star luxury hotels are reasonably priced. If you love an evening party at the beach, there’s no better place than Thailand to have a good time and party with locals!

17 Safe Places for Women Who Are Thinking of Solo Travel

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the safest destinations to travel alone, not to mention ecologically friendly. With its tranquil beaches, stunning views of volcanic lava and stunning nature, Costa Rica is the ideal location for a yoga session or nature walk, or even a holiday at the beach. If you’re interested in coffee, explore several of the most well-known coffee plantations. You can work on your tan and indulge your palate, Costa Rica is waiting for you!



If you’re looking for a nightlife that you are looking for, you should check out Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig. Alongside the lively nightlife of these cities They also have a broad range of culture and history like zoos, museums, and art exhibitions. You can also visit the most visited Germany places like Munich as well as Berlin.


If you’re a lover for nature Iceland is a necessity for solo travel due to its black sandy geysers, beaches, and stunning landscapes. Take in the Northern lights, or partake in the vibrant nightlife and lively musical scene of Reykjavik. You don’t need to be an avid Bjork lover to enjoy the beauty and peace of Iceland.



A European’s “hidden treasures” Slovenia is nestled between Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. It is renowned for its vast market, cafe-lined streets, picturesque towns, and picturesque medieval towns. You’ll be completely secure traveling on your own in Slovenia.



The Netherlands are one of the top countries in terms of security when travelling on your own. You can cruise through the canals in Amsterdam as well as to visit the markets in Maastricht as it is one of the most storied cities located in Holland. The Netherlands are also known for their ski resorts, and you should bring your skiing equipment!


Ireland isn’t just one of the safest destinations for solo travelers, but it’s also among the most stunning places on the planet, provided you’re willing to endure a little of rain. Dublin is famous for its food, pubs, as well as the Irish live music. You must have one or two pints as well as some chips and fish. If you’re not a drinker Try a Orange Fizz.


New Zealand

Even if you’re not a big fan in the films “The Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings”, New Zealand is one of the most stunning nations to explore by yourself. With its beautiful coastline and spectacular mountain ranges, New Zealand is a photographer’s dream.



Bhutan is an extremely secure destination for a solo traveler. Because it is hidden within the Himalayan Mountains There aren’t many tourists can handle the higher altitudes. If you’d like to feel at the top of the world, climb Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro or just enjoy the peace and tranquility of this mountain town that is secluded.


Japan is renowned as being among the most secure places to travel on your own. Locals are known for their warm and welcoming nature. The accommodation might be a bit more compact than you’d prefer however, for solo travelers you will find them to be just right. You can enjoy sushi, farmers’ markets, and a city swarming in heritage and rich in the culture!


Greek Islands (cruise)

Cruises are regarded as a secure for traveling on your own, particularly for females. If you’re looking for adventure, you could cruise across the Greek Islands on a pirate vessel or opt for traditional cruises with endless buffets, exuberant bars, and stunning pools, there is a wide range of cruise deals that are available.



If you have a fondness for reading Hans Christian Andersen, then Copenhagen The location that was the setting for The Little Mermaid, is the ideal place to begin. Be sure to visit the Tivoli Amusement Park when you visit. Be sure to visit the beautiful Fjords in Norway or the remote islands in the southeastern part of Sweden. If you’re looking to view the glaciers, or hike and picking up the beautiful national parks, there’s plenty to do on your own as a solo tourist in Scandinavia.


Bali is a paradise for the individual traveler, from calming yoga retreats, to inspiring temples and strolling through the fields of rice in Ubud. Bali is the ideal destination for backpackers or planning a stay at a luxurious resort.

17 Safe Places for Women Who Are Thinking of Solo Travel


If you’re in search of adventure in the outdoors, Canada is calling you! If you love whale watching or mountain climbing horseback riding, as well as whitewater rafting there’s plenty of adventures for those who are nature-lovers. If you’re more of a city girl, take a look at Quebec, Toronto or Vancouver each famous for their beautiful shops and museums, art galleries theatres, and delicious food.


With Singapore’s safe and modern public transport system, you can navigate easily through Singapore with a tight budget. It is a must to see Singapore’s Underwater Worlds. Singapore City is a haven for the shopaholic as well as foodie alike, with its small-scale shops and restaurants of the highest quality.