The emo look has been in fashion from the beginning of 2000 and aspects of hairstyles and fashions remain current. If you’re looking to be different from the rest of the crowd you should consider any of these cool hairstyles suitable for males is exactly the thing to do it. The attraction of these styles is that they’re expressive and provide something different. There aren’t any alternatives that are wrong or right for you to play with a variety of shades (the more bolder the more striking) or play around with angles and proportions There are many possibilities to choose from.

Emo hairstyles that are suitable for guys

1. Curly Fringe with Temple Fade

Are you searching for new ways to style your hair? If yes, then you’re in luck since curly fringes that has a the temple fade is among the coolest hairstyles for emo males. This is due to the full and voluminous front with the dramatically shorter sides and back creates an outstanding look.


2. Curly Mop

You’re searching for an edgy style without being excessive? Let us introduce the curly mop emo style. The style has been in fashion for years and is a popular choice because it’s easy to style for people who have medium-length to long hair and also has a noticeable fringe sufficient to cover the forehead and eyes. To add an emo look the longer the more!

3. Long Waved Curtain Bangs

Can you find anything better than long, wavy curtains bangs? We do not think so. The way that this edge is cut, makes it very fashion-forward and a great method to frame your face to balance your features and look adorable. Why not color your face’s fringe to create a more striking design? You could also opt for two-toned, based on your personal preference.

4. A Long Curly Hair With a Swooping Fringe

If you have the long curls the best hairstyle is to create a flowing fringe. The advantage of this style is the volume and how it swoops across your face. Are you suffering from skin issues? It’s not a problem. What about an perceived flaw that you’d like to cover up or simply up the ante on your hair flicking? This is the most effective way to accomplish this!

5. Long Fringe with Highlights Colored

Nothing screams “look at me” more than a long, wavy fringe highlighted highlights in a emo-style with colored highlights. The benefit of this hairstyle is that it allows you to be yourself and create your own distinctive style by combining your favorite colors regardless of whether you prefer bright neons or darker, subtle colors. A longer fringe is also attractive, concealing marks of skin problems and giving an appearance that is more youthful.

6. Long Piecy Fringe

There are a variety of styles of emo hairstyles that guys can pick from, but the majority of them have one thing the same thing: they all have certain types of bangs. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a sleek style that is a perfect fit for your face, or something a bit more textured, such as the long, layered fringe. The choppy cut in different lengths is a great method to give your fringes motion.

7. Medium Length Wavy hair with Side Part

Don’t be a slave to short strands, and begin developing them until you get that desirable moderate length curly hair with the side portion. The best thing about this length is that you get many styling options (and you will feel the breeze in the hair). Side partings are great because it can help to balance the facial features and frame the face.


8. Messy hairstyle with Mid Fade

Get your creative juices flowing by experimenting with the messy frizzy that has a the mid-fade. In contrast to the conventional mohawk with a punk tinge this style is more wearable and is more often connected to the popular emo subculture. We like the mid-fade as it stands out against with the style on top of the hair, which makes the look more longer. In addition it gives you the edge you want!

9. Messy Short Bleached Hair

Make your hair the focal point of your look by sporting this adorable messy emo hairstyle with bleached shorts. The simple cut is enhanced by the sharp styling that transforms it from simple hairstyle to an edgy one. Additionally, bleached color hair is a fantastic way to make your hair’s strands, even though you should not be a regular at dying your locks due to the drying and damage that the process can be.

10. Purple Hair with Long Quiff and Fade

We love the emo style is how the expressive and irresistibly awesome it looks. It lets you enjoy your style by experimenting with colors. What could be more appealing than the purple hair with an extended curly as well as fade? The combination is so cool that you’ll be noticed.

11. Short, fluffy hair

The emo fashion was identified by its bright hues, long wide fringes, long sweeping lines and sharp cuts. Although there are aspects of the style that were popular in the 90s and early 2000s you can reintroduce but you also have the option of opting for a subtler style. Consider the short fluffy emo style with long, thick hair strands which appear to be softly and textured.

12. Swooping Fringe Featuring Cut

Are you searching for an intriguing combination of voluminous hair and shaved? There’s no better way to stand out than making a swooping and sweeping fringe that is paired with the undercut hairstyle that resembles emo. The cut will provide that desired contrast, and will add the edginess of your appearance. This is especially beneficial for men who have thicker hair and is an ideal method to reduce the bulk and weight.