Discover Your Face Shape and Beauty Hacks

Complete Guide Into The World Of Face Shapes

Every woman strives to look her best regardless of the circumstances. Thankfully, we now have numerous resources available to help us achieve that goal. The vast array of makeup tips and tools is a remarkable testament to the world of beauty. However, there’s another crucial aspect to consider: face shape. The truth is, most of us have different face shapes, which means that when it comes to hairstyles, makeup, glasses, and anything related to the face, individuality is key. If you’ve ever wondered about your face shape, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll not only help you determine your specific face type, but we’ll also provide you with beauty hacks tailored to your particular shape.


How To Determine The Shape Of Your Face?

For those who are thinking what shape my face might have – you’ve come to the right spot! It’s true that there are various face shapes, but we’re here to help you determine yours. For the various face shapes, we have the same set of information to consider:

Its width. What’s the Largest Part of The Face of You?

  • If you have your forehead as the most wide area of your face, this signifies that your face has the shape of a heart.
  • If your cheekbones are the biggest part of your body, the shape is diamond.
  • Jaws are the largest for those with a triangular faces.
  • If your face appears to be the same between the forehead and the jaws, then you could have an oval, square or round faces.

The Shape Of Jaws

  • Jaws with sharp edges are atypical for the heart-shaped face.
  • The jaws of squares are unique to the face with a square shape.
  • Round jaws are unique to round or oval faces.

Face length

  • Short faces are generally with a round form.
  • Faces of average size can have any shape, ranging from the oval shape to heart-shaped.
  • Long faces are usually part of the Oblong category.

Round Face Shape

Kirsten Dunst With Round Face Shape #roundface

A face that is round is unique. It is because in the vertical-to-horizontal ratio, it’s the same. The facial features are generally rounded and soft, which implies that your chin is round too. The largest area of your face, it’s your cheeks. If you’re looking to compare this type of face with the faces of celebrities, think of Kirsten Dunst. When you are applying makeup, keep in mind that you want more definition and lines. That means angled brows and cheeks that are contoured are your best option. It is also essential that you add some sparkle to your cheeks too to make them look bright and luminous. For your haircut, you’ll prefer an asymmetrical style if you are a fan of wearing long hair. Short cuts are preferred, you can make the hair a pixie-style that is twirled.


Oval Shape

Jessica Alba With Oval Face Shape #ovalface #jessicaalba #celebrity

The truth is that the oval face shapes are in reality an extended version of a round shape. The result is you face appears larger than it is wide while your forehead has the largest part of your face, not your cheekbones. The chin, however, remains as round. In terms of makeup, keep in mind the importance of balance. Balance is your most trusted friend. What exactly does this mean? That means that if you put a lot of weight on your eyes, you’ll can leave your lips unaffected and reverse. Regarding eyebrows – keep them out of the spotlight. The best option is to just keep the natural shape of the brows and avoid too much plucking. Also, a bit of highlighter on the bridge of the nose and the forehead is not wasted. If you’re about going to the salon, a smooth the bob or a side-swept style are the hairstyles to give an attempt.

Oblong Face Shape

Liv Tyler With Oblong Face Shape #oblongface #livtyler #celebrity

The shape of the face is oblong. It’s a face that is longer than wide, and generally the face’s width is the same throughout. However, it must be noticed that the chin is a bit bent. The shape of the face is a signature of Liv Tyler. It is vital to be aware of how to soften the angles while applying the makeup. It is true that an the oblong shape of your face is an angular shape and it is recommended to conceal the angle with a professional. By using a bronzer you can smooth the jawline and temples. Most of the time, this can be done in more ways than one. In the case of eye makeup, cat eyes are your ideal option. In reality, the makeup will give the necessary length for your eyes. Furthermore is that you must learn to apply blush on the top of your cheeks. An oversized pixie, or a normal cut with bangs can complete your ideal style.


Square Face Shape

Emily Deschanel With Square Face Shape #emilydeschanel #squareface #celebrity

In the concept of a square face, it’s not difficult to determine what the face shape appears like. The sides are generally straight but you may notice an inclination of the cheek. A face that is proportioned well and jaws are most straight. Think of Emily Deschanel if you wish to imagine this shape. It’s important to mention that women with these shape must learn to contour their faces to ensure that all sharp angles are softer. Highlighter is not to be overlooked too. For dramatic aspect, it’s recommended to apply some highlighter to your lips, so that the focus shifts away from the jaws that are angled to the bold lip color instead. If you’re wondering which cuts would suit this design best, we think that side-swept bangs or an angled hairstyles will be at an upper spot on our list.

Heart Face Shape

Alyson Hannigan With Heart Face Shape #alysonhannigan #celebrity #heartface

When you think of a faces with a heart shape it’s obvious that the primary characteristics of it are its wide forehead and the pointed the chin. There are some reports, which claim that women who have this type of face typically have a widow’s peaks but it isn’t always the case. Alyson Hannigan is a well-known model with a heart-shaped shape If you’ve ever wondered. It is true that the heart-shaped face shape is well-defined, which is why you should be gentle with your makeup. It is recommended to use soft, dark eyes and thick lashes. When it comes to contouring, it’s ideal to use a bronzer to give a soft look. Of course, a lot of you may be wondering what is the best way to style a haircut. In reality, the bangs of a lob or a cut with a few layers can be incorporated right.


Diamond Face Shape

Ashley Greene With Diamond Face Shape #diamondface #celebrity #ashleygreene

A lot of times, it’s easy to misinterpret an emerald-cut face shape for a heart-shaped shape. The distinction lies in the fact that in this instance the forehead is a more narrow. In terms of the features that stand out one should be aware of your cheekbones’ height and a chin that is pointed. Ashley Greene is one of the most popular celebrities who have these types of faces. It is true that when makeup is appropriate for a face like this, it’s certain that you can apply whatever you love the most without worry. Lips that are bold, cheeks that are contoured with a highlighted forehead, cupid’s bow, chin, and the bridge of your nose – – everything is green in the realm of makeup. In terms of hairstyles and haircuts, you can choose from a an array of choices to pick from however, we believe that long, layered waves or chin-length bobs are most suitable to test to.


The Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Scarlett Johansson With The Inverted Triangle Face Shape #triangleshape #scarlettjohansson

It is more difficult to distinguish an inverted triangles for the heart shape. The problem is that they’re almost identical. The absence of the widow’s peak is thought to be a sign of an inverted triangle-shaped face. The wide forehead and the sharp chins are the most noticeable characteristics of an appearance. Imagine Scarlett Johansson to imagine the face. Given that this shape is impressive, it is vital that you know how to manage it. This is the reason you require this kind of makeup. It will minimize the width of your forehead, and adding a bit towards the jaws. In terms of hairstyles, you are able to make the same choices that women with heart shapes choose to wear.

FAQ: Face Shapes

What can I do to change my facial shape?

  1. Redirect your eyes towards you ceiling while tilting your head to the side.
  2. Lower your lip as far as you are able across your upper lip. It’s crucial to feel this sensation in the jaw muscles close to your ears.
  3. You must hold the position for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Create 10-15 sets.

What is it that makes female faces attractive?

The shape and size the facial expressions are important significantly. Distance between center of the eyes of a woman is an example. It has an impact on how she is considered attractive. If the distance is less than half of the face, individuals will consider she is more attractive.

What is the reason my face is getting larger?

Weight gain is the main reason for facial fat. The excess facial fat can be result of a poor diet, inactivity deficit and genetic conditions or ageing. The cheeks, jowls, below the chin and neck are the parts of the body where fat is the most evident. The people with more rounded, less noticeable facial features usually have more facial fat.