Taylor Swift regresa: todas las claves de su nuevo look

Are you a big Taylor Swift fan? We’ve got the perfect outfit for you! Take a look at the best attire for the coming Eras concert. The ten albums of her studio album that span across different styles of music and changing looks, every season of Taylor Swift offers distinct fashion suggestions and ideas of what you can wear evening of the concert. In this post we’ll go over the best Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas and tips to make your outfit stick out in the rest!

Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas

2006 Era Outfits

Taylor Swift first entered the scene of music in 2006 when she released the release of her first studio album Taylor Swift. The era was all about the singer’s golden locks flowing as well as equally floaty gowns. Fashioning ultra-feminine shapes with the Y2K-inspired finishes such as handkerchief hems, striking designs and floral embroidery. For a replica of these Taylor Swift concert outfit look ensure you wear the midi dress with a vintage vibe. Hairstyles should be accentuated with loose curls and some Dangly earrings Make sure that you’ll need your instrument along and cowboy boots.


Fashionable Era Outfits

A little while after the 2006 special, Taylor began experimenting with an amalgam of country and pop stars. Her stage outfits were typically comprised of glistening textiles and fringed textures however, she remained true to her country roots by wearing loose locks and cowboy boot. However, the music video she made was totally different. Imagine of Love Story with a dress inspired by the Renaissance, You Belong With Me wearing the Junior Jewels t-shirt, plaid pajamas or a uniform for marching. You can even draw your inspirations from Taylor’s version in the collection using the white or lilac peasant dress with flowing waves from the beach.

Say it Now Era Outfits

While there’s a some resemblance between Taylor’s three previous albums, it’s during the “Speak Now” timeframe that we witness her really establishing her style. The era was filled with gold, purple and lots of sparkle. The actress often wore gorgeous gowns on stage throughout her performances however, perhaps the most famous gown to replicate is the halter-style mini chiffon neck dress. Make a fresh spin of the classic dress with an off-the-shoulder gown in a similar hue or substitute the fabric to make glitter fringe.

Red Era Outfits

The queen of innovation Queen of reinvention, the red Era consisted of a handful of essential clothes. A pair of black shorts as well as a striped top and a bold red lips can be all you require to imitate her style. The latest fashion trends were all about hipster fashion and her style was a perfect pop twist on it. If you’re planning to make a statement with the Taylor Swift concert outfit, do you want to recreate the 22 music video style, complete with a ‘Not A lot happening currently T-shirt with black shorts with a bowler hat as well as heart-shaped glasses? It’s a basic outfit and the effect is awe-inspiring.


1989 Era Outfits

With a striking new hairstyle and a more edgy image Taylor’s 1989 period focused on two-piece outfits featuring the high waisted skater skirt, crop tops button-downs and bomber jackets. This was a time of showing off her iconic pins and keeping the classic look. In the era of hipsters in the decade of 2010, she often put on a bowler hat and Wayfarer sunglasses. Try colors such as burgundy, emerald and royal blue and red. Also, make sure to include the pair of ankle booties as well as dark liner or red lip gloss.


Reputation Era Outfits

After a long absence from the spotlight, Taylor returned better than ever with the release Reputation. The “Look the way you made me do artist conceived a totally new style, which has more of a dark look to her formal design. The most well-known of her pieces from the time are her black sequin-colored bodysuits including a hood as well as high-heeled boots. But other classic outfits include her red playsuit, a an elegant cape, and the four cats that appear in the backdrop of her music video’s robbery sequence. If nothing else works you can find the snake jewelry and dress in black, and you’re good to go!


Lover Era Outfits

The Reputation time period was dominated by black, the exact opposite holds true to The Lover. The most vibrant of all The entire style is driven by pastels rainbows and sparkles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a multi-colored mini dress made of tulle or a sequin-strewn playsuit or an icy pink fur jacket paired with the white heart-shaped glasses There are plenty possibilities to create a Taylor Swift twist to the look of your Taylor Swift concert outfit. To add a touch of flair you can add glitter and stars over one eye and along your cheekbone. The lighting will be perfect in the photos.


Folklore Era Clothing

The stripped down look was utterly natural and the Folklore period was a radical departure from the bubblegum pop that we used to know. With two side buns, large knit roll necks with flowing skirts this was all about being a part of the world surrounding you. The best way to recreate the Taylor Swift outfits from the concert in the past by wearing a gingham dress paired with an the anorak, tartan coat as well as a pair high-heeled boots. This is an excellent option for those who want to pay tribute to your favorite pop artist without being too dressed up or excessive.

Evermore Era Outfits

In the same year Taylor made the album that was a follow up album to FolkloreEvermore. With similar plaid coats and natural curls, you might want to consider wearing the same shades you would wear in the fall, and embrace warm fabric. In the studio, on stage the focus is on fairy-themed flowing dresses. They look like they’re straight out of the pages of a fairytale, you can try something like that is soft and green, forest green brown, orange or. Be sure to move your arms about, and make sure you’re wearing plenty of clothing that flows and glides like the dream.


Midnights Era Outfits

The most recent album she released, Midnights, can be the perfect model to create you Eras Tour outfit. You can easily design an outfit using her music videos, or even her most recent public appearances that are all featuring dark blues, silver sparkle, and everything celestial. It doesn’t matter if you wish to pay tribute the legendary Lavender Haze by wearing the purple fur coat and a sequin mini dress or choose the blue and silver star-studded style, you’ll not be the anti-hero of the occasion.